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So, why'd they change the VA for Faith? (Archived)penguinfrommars38/12 4:40AM
Digital Pre-order (Archived)Batman19817/31 3:26PM
I Need This Game... (Archived)CrimsonHomura16/19 6:10AM
You aren't even allowed to use guns. (Archived)specialkid836/19 6:06AM
MEdge2 (Archived)spincr24/21/2014
Real life Mirrors Edge (Archived)usmovers_0219/6/2013
Proof that this game follows the comics. (Massive Story Spoilers) (Archived)parkourboybryan48/14/2013
Reboot/Sequel/Prequel? (Archived)
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They still haven't fixed her face? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
i really hope theres no tacked on multiplayer (Archived)unclekoolaid7357/1/2013
Should i buy mirrors edge or wait to see if it becomes free (Archived)pyrokinesis66636/30/2013
I've been wanting this to be announced for ages (Archived)TheBPB1176/18/2013
Mirrors Edge 2 Expectation Wants Hopes (Archived)
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Will this come out for the 360 as well? (Archived)xKeisukex56/15/2013
Since it will be open world, will they still have the Red hint areas? (Archived)TheolaHalo106/15/2013
I suspect a lot of dubstep. (Archived)
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So I don't think the original will be canon to this new series (reboot) (Archived)Famine_10f476/13/2013
Things to note in the trailer. (Archived)parkourboybryan86/13/2013
Hoping police aren't so trigger happy (Archived)Famine_10f426/13/2013
Open. World. (Archived)
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