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2 years ago#1
Equipped titles with status increases (I.E. str hp. etc) Does it increase stats when title is equipped or is it like a extra gain to whatever stat during level up? I didn't notice a difference in stats upon equipping. I didn't have a instruction manual in the new copy I bought and couldn't find any in game information on this. Thanks!
2 years ago#2
Just extra gain but if you switch to a different title the stats in Red text means that you lose those stat gains because the new title is weaker then the current one
2 years ago#3
Bonus on level-up. If you want to make use of them then make sure to compare the titles that give bonuses on the same stats, since that will tell you which one gives a bigger bonus.
2 years ago#4
Ah ok got it! I'll flip flop them a little then so I don't get too lop sided lol. Just started so I don't have a lot yet. Thank you both very much!

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