Congladurations, you're a Tales character - Part VI

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That's what I thought. I had intended to scrap it anyway.
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LightOfJudgment posted...
That's what I thought. I had intended to scrap it anyway.

I don't think the whole thing should be scrapped.

Even a small scene involving placing a Grave for Tabitha would be nice.
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#113Martel568Posted 5/15/2014 10:23:50 PM
My opinion on this is that maybe you should write a monologue for Robbie, after telling everyone he wants to be alone for a while or whatevs, you know, Milla? You're good with Robbie, so make it good if you'd like ^_^
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#114Milla_Maxwell(Topic Creator)Posted 5/15/2014 11:22:50 PM
Here's the little scene when Namor talks to Robbie at the Party event.

I didn't deem it worth putting in Google Drive because it's so short.

Prince Namor: "Hey Robbie, are you enjoying the party?"

Robbie: "It's... Okay I guess... I can't say I like how crowded it is and I don't like this suit..."

Prince Namor: "Why not wear something else if you don't like the suit?"

Robbie: "This is a formal event and I have nothing else, it was either this suit or not going."

Prince Namor: "Stuck between a rock and a hard place huh?"

Robbie: "In addition to the suit being really uncomfortable, these pants have no hole in them for my tail, so they're not very comfortable either."

Prince Namor: "Why not cut a hole in them?"

Robbie: "I thought about it, but I didn't have anything to cut it with."

Prince thinks to himself for a moment.

Prince Namor: "Turn around for a minute."

Robbie: "Huh? Uhh... Okay..." *Robbie obeys and turns his back to Namor*

Prince crouches down behind Robbie and takes out his knife.

Robbie: "What are you-"

Prince Namor: "Move your tail for me."

Robbie did as instructed.

Prince Namor: "Alright, just hold still for a second and..."

Namor cut a hole in the rear of Robbie's pants, around where his Tail was.

Prince Namor: "Done!" *Namor puts his knife away and stands up then steps back from Robbie*

Robbie's tail pops through the hole than Namor had cut.

Robbie: "T-Thanks..."

Prince Namor: "No problem, just try to enjoy the party."

*scene ends*
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#115Frozen_Blades81Posted 5/16/2014 12:47:26 AM
Here are the promised formal costume alternatives:

-Prince: This (, white suit pants, black boots and black gloves.

-Celesta: A black, open-back dress with a rose above the left breast, silver high-heels with green jewels, black elbow gloves with rose petals covering the wrists and this hat (

Jordan: A black frock coat, black suit pants, a white glove on his right hand, white boots and a left side cape (think Ezio from Assassin's Creed) with the Reverant flag as its pattern.

Anise: A white Chinese dress with gold markings, white elbow gloves, white high-heels and a few jewels in the front and back of the dress.

Robbie: A white tuxedo with a black bow-tie, black gloves and black boots. He later gets a hole for his tail to pop out.

Skylar: A black ball gown with black detached sleeves, black high-heels with gold markings and this hat (

Cole: A white buttoned shirt, a black unbuttoned blazer, black suit pants, black boots and a black tie.

Elaine: A dark blue pea coat with a white fur neck, black suit pants and white boots.

Zien: A chesterfield coat, white gloves, black suit pants and black boots.

As for the long overdue results:

-The Engath-Reverant war: Takes place between an unspecified part (I suggest early act 2) and ends halfway through act 3. It will be touched upon in the main story, and heavily explored in sidequests and sub-events focusing on the horrors of war and the party's reactions and ways to cope with that.

Conflicts of the day will be posted tomorrow.
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#116pondrthisPosted 5/16/2014 4:34:47 AM
I am in love with you Blades. Your sense of fashion is GQ all the way. You just earned yourself the title "The Fashionable".

Jordan's, omg. I mean, everyone's, omg. I'm reeling here with the awesome.

Poor Elaine, having to be the only girl in masculine gear. It could really go either way with her, but I know she'd WANT to be dressed all girly. But hey, Robbie doesn't want to be dressed up at all.
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#117Frozen_Blades81Posted 5/16/2014 12:46:03 PM
Heheh, glad you like them.

I actually assumed the opposite, that she would prefer more masculine clothes. I can come up with something if you want, maybe a bouffant gown...

Conflicts of the day:

-Costumes (we're already on that train anyway): We will deal both with costume ideas (you can also tie these to sidequests or leave them here to be tied later), and the workings of the costumes themselves (should they be tied to titles? Should they work like in Xillia/Graces? Should hairstyles and certain parts be tied to the costume or available as hairstyles and attachments, respectively? Also, should we have attachments?).

-Should we have an air vessel? If so, what should it be? An airship (FF style)? A shuttle (Abyss/Graces style)? Or something else? How would the party obtain it? Should it be magitech-based or Rezonant-based?

Personal opinions:

-Costumes: They should work exactly like in Xillia. Attachments should be present as well, but there should be more slots (I'd say, 3 head slots and 6 body slots. They could also be infinite for total customization freedom).

-flight: We should have one. I'm leaning more towards an airship that's fully explorable (or at least the deck, I like midair ship decks).
"We are professionals, and we will decide this, as professionals" *Cue motorcycle jousting battle*.
#118Zombies_OnlinePosted 5/16/2014 1:36:52 PM
Hey, nice, Frozen. I picture Cole bein' super casual even when "dressed up"; his tie bein' loose and his shirt bein' untucked.

And no worries, Paundit.

Cole'll hit on her regardless o' how she's dressed.

I agree that costumes and titles should be separate things. If titles are badass like Symphonia and give stats n' s***, you shouldn't be locked outta usin' 'em if you wanna wear costumes.

As for the airship... Yeah. Big time. I also second the notion that it should be fully explorable.

Oh, and Submariner... Don't let Milla scare you, dude. If you wanna write somethin', please feel free. You've proven yourself talented in the past, and I for one am pretty f*****' stoked to see what you can do.
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#119LightOfJudgmentPosted 5/16/2014 2:34:00 PM
It's less of a matter of talent and more of a matter of redundancy. The kind of thing I originally had planned seems to already be planned by the character's creator, so I'm simply deferring it to the one best fit to do the job.
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Guh... I'm gonna beat you up so bad! Holdin' back on me, not lettin' me see your goods. Just whip it out, man! I wanna see your stuff. Please.

Oh, yeah, Frozen. Frieza. FREEZY POP. I was thinkin', and while I totally like your ideas for formal clothes, it just hit me that Cole's a bit of a peacock. There's a reason his regular duds are an obnoxious f*****' yellow color. So while the design itself is totally on point, simple black and white might be too tame for him. He's more likely to wear somethin' super loud and tacky just to stand out.
At the zombie dance, nobody moves.