any tips to making this game really easy or atlease EASIER?

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2 years ago#1
So I am just getting to palmacosta and I bought those brats a new potion and I am just grinding now. Now I am not having much trouble as of yet but I am sure if I keep going on like this I will run into some trouble so I have a few questions to ask to help prepare myself! Thanks in advance :D

1. What is a great party for now? and when I get more characters, what will be the best, well rounded party (maybe with a little higher dps than anything) for later on?

2. Where are some good places to grind throughout the game? I know this one is a pretty vague question but I am really just looking for an answer like: tough it put until you are at ________ then stay here till you are such and such level and you shouldn't have much trouble after that.

3. What is the best controllable character? I have seen lost of people playing as colette but I feel she is a wee bit complicated but maybe that is just because I have been playing as Lloyd the whole game.

Thanks again, I am sure I could probably find all these answers in one of the many FAQs that they have on this one game. Can someone also put a link for the best FAQ for this game if you can? Thanks so much!
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2 years ago#2
Vegh bait?
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2 years ago#3
Ultymateflynn88 posted...
Vegh bait?

What? I am sorry I am new at this game so I dont know what that means -.-'
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2 years ago#4
Why not try maining lloyd or Kratos? Its easier IMO and for the party i guess it depends i guess lloyd kratos raine and genis? Man i havent played this game lately so i cant think of anything more helpful but stick with that if its your first run try to take it easy and fight a lot of mobs as you go in dungeons and stuff like that and you will be fine
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2 years ago#5
This game is easy already. You will never have problems unless you're doing a challenge run for Titles.

A couple bosses MIGHT be tough but skill will matter more than levels at that point.
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2 years ago#6
Ultymateflynn88 posted...
Vegh bait?

BeanToss posted...
What? I am sorry I am new at this game so I dont know what that means -.-'

Another person on here. The best advice if he shows up is to ignore any and all advice he gives.
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2 years ago#7
This game is pretty mindless for the most part... just keep pushing X and you'll probably win.

Okay so it's not THAT simple but... just keep playing and you'll be fine. Like in most RPGs, the best place to grind most often is the next story area or the story area before it if you're getting pwned too hard so... just do that.
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2 years ago#8
You actually don't need to grind very much. The bosses give you enough exp to get through the same. You do need decent equipment though. Progressing through the game will naturally earn you equipment if you are getting the treasures. May have to grind a little extra gald here and there to buy the good stuff. You can get a Reverse Doll right outside Meltokio later, and use two Rune bottles to make yourself a Blue Sephira, which doubles gald. They don't stack either, so you only need one Blue Sephira the entire game
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2 years ago#9
Lloyd is an easy main, the most straightforward of the bunch and probably good enough for the first run. Most the second half of the part is melee-oriented, so you'll get more diverse options later. Spoiling archetypes but not characters themselves; you'll get a flimsy but fast support-melee, a slow tank built to take hits and throw out a few larger ones, and a less-flimsy Monk whose combo ability rivals Lloyd's but plays by a different set of tech chains than the rest of the cast.

The biggest thing to consider is the Sages; Symphonia runs on a "spell queue" system in which your characters cannot have more than one mid or high level spell active at once, causing Genis and Raine to slow each other down. Most here will tell you dump Genis, I don't think its always that dire.

Last I recall Collete's best tool is spamming the Para Ball attack, good damage, multiple hits, and good stunning power, and then dodging out of range of retaliation. He basic attacks are odd but are not used as much aside from the neutral hits. Not a main, but that's the least complicated thing about her.

Ultymateflynn88 posted...
Vegh bait?

Really? If Vegh comes let him come, don't confuse a new player over board silliness.

VeghEsther's a poster who is indeed quick to drop in on Symphonia advice threads and give sometimes odd to unrelated advice.
2 years ago#10
I think most of the other posters have lost track of what early-game Symphonia was like as a first time player. Especially since most of us started out on the GameCube version, which wasn't as hard as the Chronicles release. Starting out on Chronicles right away is probably quite tough, actually.

Mostly I think you shouldn't worry too much. The first 1/4 of the game is by far the hardest portion (aside from a couple of specific bosses, of course). After that the characters tend to grow in power much faster than the enemies and bosses do. Not to mention you get so many tools to lock bosses in place with humongous combos, leaving them almost no windows to attack you. But starting out, you do three or so attacks and perhaps a single tech to finish the combo and that's it.

If you need to grind for a bit, do so. I think your best bet for grinding is the world map, actually. Cause (story mechanic spoiler, not actual plot) I think the next dungeon will lock the proverbial door behind you upon entering. Don't feel bad about it, just do it if you need to. The first hours can definitely be brutal to new players.

Right now, I don't think it matters much what your party is. Genis and Raine don't have a lot of spells that will bother each other in the spell queue yet, but perhaps it would still be wise to use a third melee character instead of Genis. It's up to you, but I don't think you need to worry about it as long as you always keep Raine in your party.

First time I played the game, I did Lloyd/Kratos/Genis/Raine throughout the majority of the game and that worked fine. The spell queue is a problem, but it's not an absolute deal-breaker. If you find yourself struggling later, try swapping Genis for another melee character such as Kratos/Colette/one of the companions found later.

I'd recommend using Lloyd almost exclusively on your first playthrough. Not only is he the easiest to use, he's also got quite a bit of combo potential, is generally one of the better characters and the narrative is written assuming you identify strongly with Lloyd as your avatar. Might as well make the connection as obvious as possible by controlling him =) Switching characters on follow-up playthroughs is great fun.
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