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Altamira Deluxe Suite & Zelos (mild spoilers) (Archived)Yami_no_Unmei49/6 6:04PM
Zelos Fierce Demon Fang (Archived)Eric03759/5 3:10AM
Just beat the game! New Game + questions. (Archived)gotdangit39/3 1:39PM
Make Your Own Cameo Battle (Archived)mmx438/29 2:32AM
When is the earliest you can do the Aifread event? (Archived)dothackzero28/19 7:52PM
999 Uses Question (Forgetting and Relearning Techs) (Archived)Rax62538/18 7:55PM
Friendship First and Resurrect Ex Skill (Archived)Yami_no_Unmei48/18 6:09AM
Randomizer and Spell Canceling (Archived)iiKontaii48/16 2:21AM
Have a question about the Devil's Arms/kill count (character spoilers) (Archived)rpglady7638/10 10:55PM
When exactly do you go to the events for Maiden and Friend titles. (Archived)dothackzero38/9 6:50PM
Each character's Indignation Judgment is missing different particle effects? (Archived)Luca_Knight18/9 1:24PM
Am I screwed? Angel Archer isn't registering in the monster book. (Archived)dothackzero38/8 11:19PM
Lloyd Irving will be a Mii Swordsman costume in Smash 4. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
weare6789118/8 5:01PM
Question on PS2 additions (Archived)Phalanae68/7 3:38AM
So, I missed Collette's "Twinsies" title... (Archived)ieatbooty68/6 7:24PM
Best place to level? (Archived)Eggo35258/4 10:14AM
Tales of Blog (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
McTCM258/4 7:10AM
(ToS1) affection levels (Archived)dothackzero48/3 7:50PM
Sisterly Love title for Raine? (Archived)KawaiiOtakuLord28/2 10:05AM
Do stat gains from titles make a big difference? (Archived)Klariodon28/1 8:45AM
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