A prelude to Far Future?

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User Info: BiTronic

3 years ago#1
Do you think after the Pirate Seas and Wild West battles with Dr. Zomboss, Far Future would be coming not long after?

User Info: creativeme

3 years ago#2
hopefully....isn't the console game almost out? once that's out and they spend the first few weeks patching it they'll hopefully start focusing on PvZ2 more.
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User Info: Falling Down

Falling Down
3 years ago#3
An educated guess, looking at how long it took for a patch that pretty much changed the game entirely, then a patch that brought us a new boss fight on only one world. I speculate that the future world or the game finally being fully released, will occur by July 17, 2014.

God I hope I am wrong, I wonder how many people downloaded this and how many still play it at least once a week.
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