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Problem getting taller/biggerAchronos11738/27 5:13PM
wait, you mean to tell me? nuu...thecartoonhero18/27 4:21PM
Damn you, Whisper!TheDebauchery18/23 9:46AM
Have the glitches in this game been fixed? (Archived)Amirrora18/14 12:52PM
ok so Fable Trilogy does it come with all the DLC and does this one come with... (Archived)Bryan_Skull37/12 9:01AM
Where are all the bodyguards (Archived)Adams4126/27 5:35PM
N00b help please! (Archived)ChaoticCentury56/18 5:10AM
If i kill too many people can physical shield become permanently unavailable? (Archived)Kokoronokio14/13 9:13PM
Does anyone else find navigation really hard in this game? (Archived)godofdogs1789212/30 4:02PM
crashes galore (Archived)chrcol112/30 8:28AM
gonna be hard to play this, horrid vs original (Archived)chrcol112/29 2:08AM
Can anyone confirm this about the Will Users set (Bright and Dark too)? (Archived)Foxhound3857111/26 8:27AM
Wow, a new review, gave it a 8/10 (Archived)drclaeys111/25 8:28AM
Q. gameplay skeleton grey manor spawning (Archived)Allen Tax111/19 2:02PM
Replaying the game (Archived)DizQuiz210/27 12:33AM
Now I'm really angry with lionhead and their bugged release of this game (Archived)BLACK_CAT_ANIME310/16 6:35PM
Any new content? (Archived)WeaverSerawl410/4 11:25PM
Houses, what do they do? (Archived)Shekhinah610/3 2:23PM
Issues with Book Collection... (Archived)dinibeans510/2 4:39PM
wonder if the market exploit will still be available. (Archived)rakashu59/23 8:57AM
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