Can you play online co-op with a local player?

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As in, can my friend and I play on my console, together, vs online opponents? If so, how?

We've tried just about everything, through all the cryptic and poorly designed menus, and have had no luck. We can play together vs the computer, but in a Quick Game, the second player doesn't show up to pick sides.

It's been a few years since I've bought a 2K game, but I'm immensely disappointed to jump back in for next gen only to find many of the the same design flaws still exist. To play with a local friend online is a plainly obvious scenario that every sports game should have accessible from the minute you enter the online menus, and yet 2K finds a way to make it ridiculously convoluted and difficult, as if you were trying to play from another dimension with an alien that never existed.

Anyone know the answer to this one?
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BUMp anyone?

Can I have 2 players on PS4 and then play online?
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I'll test this