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Which Shooting form has the highest arc?

#1OscarwhoPosted 2/1/2014 4:26:00 AM
Been looking for a bit for a shooting form that has a high arc for mycareer but cant seem to find one "high" enough. Anyone know high arc shots? ....or "easy" free throws....
#2Bobcat2010Posted 2/1/2014 12:10:46 PM
for a jump shot a high arching shot i know of is jumping base: jump shot 24 and shot form: Kendrick Perkins and it's a pretty easy shot to master
#3stinkfister1Posted 2/1/2014 4:32:28 PM
For a high arc shot, use Iguodala release, for easy free throws you can never go wrong with Ray Allen.
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#4Oscarwho(Topic Creator)Posted 2/1/2014 10:50:29 PM
Got to try out both of those then, especially the allen free throws, going 50% at the line is sad lol.
#5CorndowgPosted 2/2/2014 2:33:42 AM
Tolliver got one. Thing goes some serious distance.

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#6eric5674Posted 2/2/2014 9:57:40 AM
Monta ellis form dirk shot all kinds of arc and elevation or you could switch dirk for boozer
#7Oscarwho(Topic Creator)Posted 2/2/2014 11:44:29 PM
Thanks fellas, tried them all out. Seems like Boozer and tolliver (release 33) have very high arcs. Are there any higher?
#8Oscarwho(Topic Creator)Posted 2/2/2014 11:46:13 PM
Larry Bird is another one with high arc, just a weird timing though.
#9theblackmamba8Posted 2/4/2014 11:02:26 AM
Dirk Nowitzki has one of the highest arcs
#10Oscarwho(Topic Creator)Posted 2/4/2014 10:38:20 PM
theblackmamba8 posted...
Dirk Nowitzki has one of the highest arcs

I've tried and I dont find it that high in game, plus his release is hard to time for me. Might to have to go back and try that again. Release 33 seems to working real well for me btw