Career mode: What is the best tip to get traded to the team you want?

#1epicwolf1Posted 2/18/2014 3:04:33 PM
Ok I got drafted by the Kings. I played my ass out for them and made the all star game. My favorite team is the Lakers and during the halfway point I asked for a trade. The team that was most interested in me was the Lakers. I even picked the Lakers when the GM asked me where I want to be traded to. Didn't even pick another team since I have two other choices. I end up getting traded to the Pelicans. WTF? What is the best way to get traded to your team? Is there a tip to do so? Also do we have to stay with that team until our contract is over? I look at my contract and it was two years with another two year team option. Can I opt out after my two years or I have no choice since its team option?
#2EleckzarPosted 2/18/2014 3:40:08 PM
Team Option means you are stuck with them for the remainder of your contract. As for the trade, I would just try and be a bad team mate and force another trade with the Lakers being your number one. In my jerk PF career I was traded five times my first year and landed with the 76ers after starting with the Cavaliers, Thunder, Celtics, and Bulls. I wanted the 76ers, especially when the Cavs drafted me one pick ahead of them.
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