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PSA: MGSV Collecters Edition in stock @ GameStophanguknamja75/16 5:12PM
Question for others who played the hell out of MGO from MGS4Zegma31014/22 11:54AM
Is this game 720p just like MGSV Ground Zeroes? (Archived)G124343/24 6:59PM
#DavidHayter and #HideoKojima = Greatest Troll in history of EVERYTHING! (Archived)ShinCougar52/23 10:47AM
Helloooooooooooo? Is there anybody out there??? #Titanic (Archived)PlayStation_Oni32/15 1:03PM
Board is dead, do we even earn the right to Metal Gear (Archived)velvet_hammer412/8 3:54PM
They'd better fix the resolution problem.... (Archived)Council_of_Rage19/25 9:37PM
Next-Gen MGO! (Archived)GameGuy548/21 7:18PM
Can someone catch me up in the story? (Archived)papoose18766/30 8:02AM
Possible release date (Archived)darthcid36/23 11:34AM
Full 30 Minute Gameplay [video] For those that missed the live stream! (Archived)Kairi36/20 10:43AM
Gray Fox in MGS5: TPP?!?! (Archived)grimskey86/10 2:10AM
I know who Skullface is (Archived)Slothotone14/15/2014
How is the graphics compared to PS4? (Archived)BehemothDeamon44/14/2014
will this be open world like a huge city to explore or just huge open missions (Archived)shads305533/27/2014
Wow the hype for this game by Xbox One fans is intense:/ (Archived)
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So how many stages of puberty does Ocelot have? (Archived)CrimsonCorp111/22/2013
Ground Zeroes DLC (Archived)GameGuy5311/6/2013
Will the Legacy Collection be on Xbone? (Archived)segagamer19/24/2013
Will this game get an AO rating? (Archived)
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