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stealth would reach the next level if enemies have realistic vision and hearing.numberrrr912/27 8:27AM
i hope they add the "Saladin - Sniper wolf" meet to gameUltimateSol812/27 8:20AM
Ground Zeros is on sale for 6.80CNN1012/27 7:22AM
Some new MGO3 info (Dec 21st)GREEN00912/27 5:54AM
You know OTACON is PATRIOT and defects either in MGS5 or MGS6 right...
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Does anyone else desire a game where we play as Liquid?
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Do you think MG1 and MG2 will get remade after this game? (Poll)
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David Hayter voice files found in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes !!!
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Why does the boss have an S shaped scar?
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so does MGS V have the best stealth mechanics
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Was Olga better than Gray Fox?
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