I have to laugh at people who don't think this will be the greatest game of all

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Without David Hayter
This game will be the the greatest

With David Hayter
This game will be the the greatest joke of all time

Fixed that for you, no way David Hayter's current excuse for a Snake voice will do anything but make this game a complete joke like it did with Peace Walker and the two Digital Graphic Novels.

But that's what make a Metal Gear game a Metal Gear game, serious but funny at the same time. Something tells me that Kojima is liking the darker tone Raiden character and want to change Snake from light to dark but even Raiden has his funny/joke moments.

The thing is that Hayter makes moments that are supposed to be dramatic unintentionally hilarious like the torture sequence in Peace Walker.
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MGS4 is the best so far
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As a series I love them all (save PW...*shudders*)

I think the praise MGS3 gets is overrated.

Funny how my comparison works.


It goes back in time save for PW. In terms of difficulty, MGS3 was definitely the easiest. You absorbed bullets like a sponge even without health upgrading. EVEN the stamina bar reduced SO slowly. Much slower then the psyche bar. they took the health of MGS2 and the brick-wall effect from MGS3 and made the health system very good TBH.

Tranqing enemies was also much easier in 3 then in 4. (although tranqing in general is easy...much easier then lethal.)

Plot.....hmmm a woman foolishly devoted to her country (ugh I always shake my head at that) and her disciple not being able to distinguish what loyalty really means....nor can he bring himself to eliminate her....until the end. With the bosses being quite lame themselves (although the B&B aren't TOO much better).

CQC system is mostly the same save for disarms.

You can't watch enemies fight eachother.

Some of the camo's were lackluster.

The FROG's were more aggressive foes then the ocelot unit.

The shagohod was a laughable boss battle and "MG" itself.

I would put mgs1 = mgs3 > mgs 4 > mgs 2

I did not play PW except watching it on youtube.
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Who knows? MGS4 was a disappointment, so here's hoping.
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Nobody writes video games well. Western developers are just as terrible.
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The thing that absolutely baffles me is how many gamers hold up MGS and it's sequels as examples of GOOD writing in video games. Especially when they dis other games that, while not exactly Shakespeare, are alos a hell of a lot more coherent and well-put together than Kojima's inane gibberings.
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Nobody writes video games well. Western developers are just as terrible.

There are some video game writers who aren't utterly awful though, Chris Avellone and Kotaro Uchikoshi being two examples.