Who can do the best MGS impressions?

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3 years ago#1
Was messing around and recorded the conversation between Ocelot and Snake in Act 3 in MGS4.
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3 years ago#2
I don't always do spot-on impressions, but I did voice a number of characters in Yeti112's Metal Gear parodies. Keep in mind that, like me, most of his voice actors are his friends so we were all just having fun and not creating anything up to par with Egoraptor as far as the acting or animations go.

I played Gray Fox and Wesker/Miller in MGS1, Solidus in MGS2 and young Ocelot in MGS3.


I also played old Ocelot in my little Wesker/Ocelot episodes.


Personally, I always believed I could do a spot on impression of Kiefer Sutherland so I look forward to trying that out at some point in future metal gear parodies. Animators can feel free to contact me as I've just invested in a new Apogee mic for recording.
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3 years ago#3
That Wesker was really really good. I'd like to hear your Kiefer. Here are some other ones I made with Snake and Raiden. I overact a bit on purpose.

3 years ago#4
My friend excels at voice matching Richard Waugh's Wesker. I'm already offered a chance to play Ground Zeroes Snake for a parody so I can't wait.
I want it all.
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