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3 years ago#1

PSN: RocketTube
3 years ago#2
Seriously, guys? The first real insight we've had about the game in ages, and the topics that are getting attention are still about Hayter and what little gameplay footage we've already seen.

Read the article, gents, please. Do yourselves a solid.
PSN: RocketTube
3 years ago#3
reincarna_tube posted...
Read the article, gents, please. Do yourselves a solid.

"Chuck Norris was in charge of tightening up teh grafix on Crysis. Any game trying for better is doomed for epic fail." -Vrack
3 years ago#4
Thanks for the interview! Yeah, most of these other topics are pretty old. The activity level of this board went down quite a bit once this fell out of the gamefaqs top 10. (People are too lazy to search the board out manually, myself included ^^).
3 years ago#5
once you search once, all you do is double click the search bar and it should show a list of games you searched

and i guess the reason the hype for the board died is because they haven't released any exiting news tbh
3 years ago#6
I think it is partly the launch of the PS4, and the other holiday games like Zelda have been released. I know I hopped off here to play A Link Between Worlds. But this board will be rocking in the spring as we get closer to the Ground Zeroes release.

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