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Would something like Mother Base be able to actually exist in real life?
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precita305/21 2:07PM
target pre orders up for collector's edition
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crshovrr265/21 12:20PM
Metal Gear 1 and 2 are too dated to play, they need remakes
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precita125/21 5:22AM
More wonderful news from Konami.
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Do you think that The Boss will be in this, even though she's...(*SPOILERS*)
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HakuMan111386135/21 4:18AM
The Skulls...(minor spoiler possibly)LeeLee75/21 4:08AM
Can any characters carry a game themselves besides Big Boss, Snake or Raiden?
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precita395/21 3:42AM
MGSV for PC or PS4? I can only afford one
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myzz7155/20 11:44PM
Glad Konami is going mobile.Stuntman5ETH25/20 7:54PM
Did they ever reveal who Big Boss' parents were?
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precita165/20 6:38PM
What will be Huey's fate, doesn't he die in MGS2's backstory?
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precita315/20 4:38PM
Why did the series start on an obscure and unknown console like the MSX?precita105/20 4:35PM
So Big Boss and Snake now both have their own trilogiesprecita95/20 4:33PM
Did Liquid Snake get his blonde hair from Eva?precita65/20 4:30PM
Is Peace Walker worth the Platinum trophy after beating the main campaign once?
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HakuMan111386135/20 4:05PM
How many extra points do you get for turning off Reflex mode?TexasToasty95/20 3:22PM
Yoji Shinkawa seems to be a Ghost In The Shell fan.HakuMan11138615/20 2:06PM
Will Kojima add in alternate cameo sneaking suits from previous games?HakuMan11138685/20 12:51PM
I'm making a MGS podcast
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StripedTiger135/20 12:14PM
Will this game have a villianous group like Dead Cell, FOXHOUND, etc.?HakuMan11138665/20 12:06PM