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is the big boss we are seeing
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Dragonking500001212/18 11:58AM
new update for Ground Zeroes and still no import music option for helicopter....Phantom_Opera_G312/18 4:41AM
Big Boss here....Lord_Vader112/17 8:57PM
Who is Big Boss talking to in...italianskater13312/17 3:14PM
So who do you guys think Suzetta Miet is?Storrac412/17 1:04PM
Mother Base progress: real-time or mission-based?Dorkstars112/17 10:46AM
Why are all of Snake's cigs bent?Dante Leonhart712/17 6:42AM
is Big Boss communist or far leftDragonking50000912/16 8:46PM
I hope they add bots (offline multiplayer) like killzone hasalexg1989912/16 5:40PM
About to do my yearly Metal Gear Marathon, should I play MGS1 or TTS?Superfly Jo Jo1012/16 1:16AM
MGS1 vs The Twin Snakes
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Dorkstars1712/15 9:29PM
So should I preorder this?justaseabass1012/15 9:03PM
Why was MGO shut down?
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N1192112/15 8:18PM
I wish they would have used a german shepherd instead of a wolf
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DemonsHoles2112/15 5:42PM
I think that maybe porn mags won't make a return due to SJW nonsense.
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myzz72512/14 1:01AM
New MGO info from Konami blog
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il_capitano1612/13 11:29AM
Where was that second bomb planted?? #SPOILERS#
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Dante Leonhart1412/12 11:40PM
Westernizing MGS
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_denizen_3612/12 5:27PM
So I saw a hint at the release date at work. Maybe...sexy_bigg_man912/12 12:06AM
Did anyone else HATE peace walker?
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thedeparted945312/11 10:28PM