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Anyone else not too excited about the motherbase multiplayer? (Archived)
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Solid Snake and Liquid are twins. Who do you think came out of the womb first? (Poll)Oracle-Raven48/24 12:14AM
solid snake? (Archived)
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who wants lots of camo? (Archived)
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I wish they would show off different portions of the game... (Archived)
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So the multiplayer on the same disc as the campaign? (Archived)GreenKnight12778/22 1:43PM
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how im going to take advantage of base infiltration (Archived)
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Things in TPP I would like to see (Archived)mister_hatter98/21 12:06PM
I think motherbase might be the only multiplayer? (Archived)brokensocket88/21 11:11AM
Base Inflitration Footage (Archived)tonberrymasta48/21 10:38AM
IGN to show off new Metal Gear Online footage this Thursday (Archived)undisputed238698/21 9:32AM
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