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2 years ago#1
I had a question for anyone that has played as Shadow the Day One Xbox Live card worth 59.99 or should I just get the Gamestop 39.99 12 month Xbox Live card? I have heard that Shadow Jago is just a different color.
2 years ago#2
Technically, he's a costume of Jago as a separate character. But he's planned to have his own character-specific moveset as well as a few other features added. He's really worth it if you want the extra character.
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2 years ago#3
Im just gonna wait until they release him eventually.
2 years ago#4
what if he goes for like 9.99 or something like that...the day one xbox live subscription is 59.99 so maybe I should just wait....I think he should have been an unlockable character don't you guys? Plus Gamestops 39.99 xbox live is a better deal
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