How do drops work with MP?

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3 years ago#1
I watched the Quick Look video at and I'm very interested in this game.

Quick question, how do the item drops work with online multiplayer? Does it become a free-for-all where we all greedily grab all the loot we can and leave each other with nothing? Or are the spoils shared in some way? How does it work with gold and XP?

With Local MP, it looks like it's a free-for-all, at least with the items.
3 years ago#2
Local = free for all

Online = you all get your own separate loot so no worries.
3 years ago#3
Thanks! That makes me want to get D3 even more now. I'm more a "play nice with others" kind of gamer. :-)
3 years ago#4
Say if you're in town while someone beats a boss/tough enemy you can go there and still find the loot, i found a legendary this was by checking a sub-boss someone killed that i missed.
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