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3 years ago#1
Just reached level 46 on Monk after finishing Act 3 Nightmare. What are my fellow Monks running for skills/passives? Curious about what builds people like to run. :D
3 years ago#2
Correction, finishing Act 2*
3 years ago#3
Mine isn't as high as yours yet, but I can give you what I'm planning on running if ya like.!gXU!aZcbac
For a duo-gen build, fairly standard fare overall.!dXb!bZbcZa
I found this on the D3 forums a little while before the console release, and thought it sounded pretty fun. The concepts behind it are pretty cool too, with exploding palm refilling your spirit as you bell people.
3 years ago#4
Tempest rush Monk is a beast for farming low to mid mp on inferno.
GT: mattat01
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