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User Info: xsmokeybanditx

3 years ago#1
hey guys

just wondering what spots you guys are having the best luck farming legendarys...

i have been doin act 1 legacy of cain up to the skeleton king clearing all caves and mobs and getting 1-4 legendarys per run.. inferno master 1 with about 350 MF.

also just killing diablo over and over seems to net a good return of atleast 1 every few battles

any other inputs much appreciated... wanna be fully decked out on my monk and wizard for when i get my internet back
GT xSmokeybanditx

User Info: GTJonnyMnemonic

3 years ago#2
Act 1 I go Festering Woods, Weaping Hollow and Fields of Misery sometimes Halls of Agony 2/1
Act 2 Black Canyon Mines, Archives and Oasis
Act 3 Keeps 3/2, Stonefort, Arreat Crater 1/2 and Tower of the Cursed 1/2
GT:Crimson Torque

User Info: Maniac_Dance

3 years ago#3
go to youtube and check out "alkaizer run" Best spots in act 3 with the most elite packs. Also used to be the best run for paragon level farming.
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User Info: DoctorRoXo

3 years ago#4
i've played a lot this past week. and only 1 legendary has dropped and my friend got it [couch co-op]. though i have been using 2 different characters. DH for solo and Barb for co-op.

User Info: xsmokeybanditx

3 years ago#5
that vid helped thx. but looking for more console specific spots. i know its the same game and all but from what i hear thedrop rates and all that are pretty different.
GT xSmokeybanditx
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