What did you name your characters?

#1SinisterSamuraiPosted 9/10/2013 9:49:48 PM
The monks seem just Russian enough that I was amused to name mine Zengief.
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#2PunkNeverDiesPosted 9/10/2013 9:56:21 PM
I named my Monk before I knew how Russian he was.

Barb: Kjondor Hark
Monk: Lu Huang Shen
Witch Doctor: Nekroxis
#3Brian1337Posted 9/10/2013 10:00:21 PM
Barbarian - Slap Nutz
#4LerthyrPosted 9/10/2013 10:20:00 PM
I told myself I wouldn't get the console version after being severely disappointed by the PC version (which I spent quite a lot of time on).

Anyways, I named my Demon Hunter Hypocrit. Currently on Act 3 of Inferno sitting at 434k DPS. I thoroughly enjoyed leveling a DH to 60 again. :D
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#5Masemune_100Posted 9/10/2013 10:48:31 PM
I went of VA's lol.
Fem Wizard - Azula
Male Monk - Tager
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#6SomaFanPosted 9/10/2013 11:34:35 PM
Female Wizard- Teresa
Male Wizard- Garth
Male Barbarian- Farmboy
Female Monk- Whisper
Male Demon Hunter- Reaver
Male Witch Doctor- Hollowman
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#7WorstSniperEverPosted 9/10/2013 11:43:14 PM
Gortox the Barbarian

Bonus points if you recognize the name
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#8Gun SagePosted 9/10/2013 11:50:09 PM
Lee Sin, Vayne, Syndra...

My barb is named Wrath. I really should have gone with Olaf...
#9iamduffmanPosted 9/10/2013 11:51:57 PM
Just one character right now. Female Demon Hunter named Arya.
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#10TenzhiPosted 9/10/2013 11:57:05 PM
Male Monk: Zeninstadt (I would've had a surname of "Buddhavich" but I wasn't sure how long it could be)
Female Demon Hunter: Helvanna (started with "Vanna Helsing" and ended up there)
Female Barbarian: Thyrexia (King of thighs)
Male Witch Doctor: Papogalo
Male Wizard: Qwertius (it's latin for typing)
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