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Key Wardens??

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3 years ago#1
Ok, so this is a bit of a noob question / topic. What is this Keywarden everyone is speaking of? How do you do it? What is it exactly?

And, another thing im puzzled by is the "Uber Bosses" I see posts on, Can someone please explain all of this to me? I know I sound stupid, just curious.

XBL GT: Titan Fury 86 (With Spaces)
3 years ago#2
Key wardens are big mobs placed in a certain area in each of the 4 acts on inferno.
For act 1, it's in the Fields of Misery
For act 2, it's in the Dahlgur Oasis
For act 3, it's in Stonefort (stoneforge? Stone something... with the catapults)
And for Act 3 It's the area just before The Span or The Great Span, where you fight Izual, can't remember the name.

Anyways, these drop the keys everyone wants, which are crafted into the infernal machine (need one of each from the act 1, 2, and 3 key wardens, the act 4 warden drops any of the keys and the plans for the machine).

The infernal machine gets you into the uber bosses. Basically, take 2 of the act bosses, and fight them at the same time.

One portal is Zoltan Khoul and the Siegebreaker
One is Maghda and the Skeleton King
The last is Rakanoth and Ghom (the fat demon)

Killing both bosses in each of these portals has a chance (and I'm sure you've seen that list all over the boards) to drop a demon part. Eye, Spine, Fang. Buy the plans for the Hellfire RIng from Squirt in act 2 (the little girl), and have 1 of each demon part, and you can craft a hellfire ring.

Note that the one hellfire plan has the craftable plans for each stat main within it. By learning that one plan, you learn the strength, vit, int, and dex varieties of recipes, so no need to go looking for others.

Main pull of the hellfire ring is it has a high main stat value (200 or higher I believe), and 4 random properties which COULD come out as the trifecta (crit chance, crit damage, attack speed)

I on the other hand am extremely happy with my roll that got about 150 of every stat (all 4) and 255 life on hit. Makes power leveling with the Cain's set a breeze (2 or 3 hours put my wizard at 24, which took MUCH longer on my other characters.
3 years ago#3
Thanks man, that helps out a lot. I was completely confused.

I have a secondary questions for you though. You said you power leveled your wizard to 24. How did you do that if the gear you are using is for your other toon? I guess im confused on that too lol
XBL GT: Titan Fury 86 (With Spaces)
3 years ago#4
The hellfire ring has no level requirement and is account bound (so you can trade it to your other characters through your stash).

Cain's set and Leoric's Signet are the same way, so it takes about 10 minutes if not less to gain a level for her right now... Making a witch doctor tomorrow since it will be that easy, haha.
3 years ago#5
Wow, that is crazy! Now I want the set and the ring! That sounds amazing. I was completely unaware of that
XBL GT: Titan Fury 86 (With Spaces)
3 years ago#6
I really want to find the plans for the cains set (you find the plans, you can make each piece of the set, and it requires materials from... Normal? Maybe nightmare), just so I can start handing them out to those that want them that have beaten the game.

Right now, my wizard has:
35% xp from cain set bonus
35% xp from hellfire ring
23% xp from leoric signet
17% xp from radiant square ruby in cain helmet (just what I had lying around, could get it up to 30% easy as well)
and about +100 exp from the set and other items like it.

Plus with all the base stats on the hellfire ring, the more I level the more I scale. 200 of your main stat isn't a lot of damage early, as 200% of 10 is only 20. 200% of 100 on the other hand is a pretty large margin.
3 years ago#7
I have a couple pieces of the Cains set, I just never paid any mind to the "level requirement". I didnt know you could hand them down to other characters.
XBL GT: Titan Fury 86 (With Spaces)
3 years ago#8
Cains is 22, or at least mine is. My leoric's is a 13 requirement, so I start with 35% bonus exp, then get another 23 at 13 with a HUGE amount of stats just from those.

Being paragon 10 doesn't hurt either though.
3 years ago#9
Sweet. Sounds good.

Also, one last question. And this is off topic. But, is there any way at all to see how many hours you have invested into a character. I know you could on PC. I just haven't found it on here yet.
XBL GT: Titan Fury 86 (With Spaces)
3 years ago#10
I haven't really looked. I'd assume not since I think it was in your profile on PC, and 360 doesn't have a profile system.
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