Guide to getting to the secret level in diablo 3 whimseyshire xbox 360 version

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The Black Mushroom can be found in the Cathedral in Act I. It is a random spawn, and you will most likely have to reset a few times in order to get it. If it has spawned, it will be in a special looking room, on the floor, in a weird mushroom patch. For the quickest way to get the Black Mushroom, select normal difficulty Act I: 2. The Legacy of Cain – Explore Cellar. Select the waypoint named The Old Ruins and run up right. Run through the cellar and continue up to the front door of the Cathedral and jump down to Level 1. This will save you at a checkpoint here and will be a timesaver when you reset later on. The mushroom will always be in a room with two columns supporting the NW wall, and bricks falling out of the wall between the columns.


Obtaining the Gibbering Gemstone can has been known to take a really long time but if your lucky like me it may only take you 10 minutes or so. It’s a drop from a rare spawn named Chiltara, which can only spawn in Cavern’s of Frost in the Fields of Slaughter in Act III. There can be 2 caves in the Field of Slaughter, either Icefall Caves or Caverns of Frost. If you find the Icefall Caves, reset the game. So, head to Act III: 5. Machines of War – Destroy Ballistae. Select the waypoint The Bridge of Korsikk and start looking for a cave entrance. If you find the Icefall Caves, reset and try again. Once inside the Caverns of Frost, look for an elite mob named Chiltara. She is a rare spawn, and you will stumble across many other yellow mobs inside the caves before you find Chiltara. Be sure to explore both levels of the Caverns of Frost completely. Rembember that even if there is another yellow mob, she can still spawn. If you reach the portal stone after exploring all of Level 2, reset the game and try again.


This is the easiest item to obtain. It is a bit pricey though, At 50000 gold. Head to Act II: 1. Shadows in the Desert – Iron Wolf Jarulf, and enter the hidden camp. There you will find Squirt the Peddler, who sells this expensive bell.


The plan is a random drop from Izual the Fallen. Some have killed him over 30 times before the plan has dropped of his dead corpse. Head over to Act IV: 4. Prime Evil – Begin Quest. Select the waypoint The Crystal Colonnade. Take the gateway to The Silver Spire, cross the Great Span, ignore Leah. Enter The Silver Spire Level 1. Ignore Mira and continue running until you find the portal to The Great Span. Enter the Great Span. Kill Izual. Slay Izual. Once slain, your progress will be saved to a new checkpoint, so if you were not lucky with the loot, you will have to select Act IV: 4. Prime Evil – Begin Quest one again in order for you to kill him.


Once you have obtained all of the materials needed to create the staff and the plan for the staff simply learn the plan (by selecting it in your iventory) and go to your beloved blacksmith, Headrig eamon, and have him craft this glorious staff. Once crafted head to act I quest II: The legacy of cain then go outside the gates, head north and find the cow skeleton. The Ghost of the Cow King will appear in front of you, and show you how far the rainbow hole goes. Dont forget to have the staff of herding in your inventory other wise the ghost king wont appear.

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question: does difficulty matter? Or is it like D2 where every difficulty had a cow level?
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By difficulty do you mean the mode etc nightmare hell inferno or hard master etc?
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yeah. norm/NM/hell/inferno, etc
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MeddlingMage22 posted...
question: does difficulty matter? Or is it like D2 where every difficulty had a cow level?

you need to buy the plans for night marish staff of the quarter master in the keep, name escapes me at the moment, in act 4 the last quest just before you beat diablo to have access to the plans in nightmare mode. Same goes for hell and inferno but this has nbot worked for me on the xbox 360 version.
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In order to use the staff on Nightmare/Hell/Inferno, you need to upgrade it in each of those difficulties. Select Act IV Prime Evil Quest, in Bastion Keep there is a NPC by the healer Gorell the Quartermaster who sells the plan to upgrade the staff.

You can't skip upgrades and have to do it in order through the difficulties. Enjoy.
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Your step 3 happens before your step 2. ;)

Here's a concise guide for quick reference:

Black Mushroom
Act 1, Tristram Cathedral [Level 1]
It will be glowing purple and easy to see.
If I recall correctly, it sparkles too.

Wirt's Bell
Act 2, Hidden Camp
Sold by Squirt (the little Merchant girl)
She's standing very slightly northeast of the waypoint in the center of the camp.
The Wirt's Bell item will be in her Bag.

Gibbering Gemstone
Act 3, Caverns of Frost [Level 2]
Load the Quest: Destroy Ballistae
Use Waypoint: Bridge of Korsilkk to get to the Fields of Slaughter
Do not destroy the Ballistaes.
Look for the Caverns of Frost.
If Icefall Caves exists, then the Caverns of Frost will not.
Dropped by Chiltara

Plan: Staff of Herding
Act 4, Heaven
Load the Quest: Prime Evil
Dropped by Izual
He's on The Great Span after the Silver Spire [Level 1],

All pieces are Legendary items so having a high Magic Find will help.

All pieces will be placed into your Bag in your inventory so you won't sell them by mistake with other weapons/armors.

You can not trade or give any of these items to another person. You can drop them but no one can pick them up besides you.

To make the Staff of Herding:
Open your inventory and read the Plans: Staff of Herding.
Go to the Blacksmith with the 3 pieces (Black Mushroom, Wirt's Bell, Gibbering Gemstone) and craft it.

To get to Whimsyshire:
Act 1, A Shattered Crown, New Tristram
Go down Old Tristram Road and you'll find the cow corpse on the east side.
You do not have to equip the staff, just have it in your inventory.
The Cow King Ghost will appear. Talk to him.
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Who the **** killed the king?!
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My Squirt sells the bell for 25,000. I am in normal still. Can I buy it and save it for a later difficulty?
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I would love to play this level on any difficulty
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