So I am getting this game this weekend and...

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Any tips for this game with no spoilers? Also what can you tell me about the classes. How different are they or the strengths and weaknesses?
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As soon as you can, I'd recommend turning on Advanced Tootips and most of the Gameplay items like Player Health Bars. Get used to the skills of your chosen class and then, and only then, will you be ready for Elective Mode. People who jump right into Elective Mode are sometimes confused. Reading the loading screens can be a good way to learn new things. The Barbarian and the Monk are melee character with only a few ranged abilities. Wizard and WD both are good able to tank because a Wizard has good defensive spells and the Witch Doctor has pets.

Demon Hunters are fun, but they can only rely on Dodge and manuverability to avoid damage, but they pack a punch. Once you get used to evading attacks, they can be vital assets. If you play DH, I like to join a party so other classes like Monks, Barbs, and WDs can tank for me while I do the shooting. I wouldn't bother turning on any of the Master levels at your level because you want a feel of the game so default Medium, or setting it to Easy is the way to go.
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Thank you for the information. So DH only has range weapons, right?
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- If you cant beat a boss level up some more
- Be patient when trying to find good gear it will come eventually
- I recommend beating the game once solo to learn the story
- Joining multiplayer gives more xp, Magic find, and gold find
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People in mp often skip the bids so you won't get the story. If you are brand new to diablo play it on easy through normal and just have fun
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Protip: make sure to deal with real life obligations first. The game can be...addicting.
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Haha thanks everybody. One last question, if you die, what are the penalties. Like in Dark Souls, if you died, all of your souls and humanity were dropped where you died and you had one chance to get them back.
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On softcore you lose 10%durability on all gear. On hardcore that's it if you die you lose all.gear the character and have to start over

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Phiniox posted...
On softcore you lose 10%durability on all gear. On hardcore that's it if you die you lose all.gear the character and have to start over

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You still get to keep whatever is in your stash as well as whatever level you got your crafters to. You also get to keep Paragons but that will just confuse you. Don't worry about Paragons right now as we will be here when you hit 60 so you can ask even more questions lol.