have good witching hour ft.

#1brandonwofford1Posted 10/24/2013 5:46:12 PM
I have a good witching hour Ft any offers dnt know specs right now but thought I would throw it out there
#2TriikzPosted 10/24/2013 5:46:55 PM
Do you know the main stat it rolled at least? IE: Did it roll STR, DEX, INT?
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#3brandonwofford1(Topic Creator)Posted 10/24/2013 7:35:34 PM
INT was the roll
#4UntamedunbornPosted 10/29/2013 11:02:57 AM
i will trade you for it tonight. What are you looking for? GT is UNTAMEDUNBORN
#5pweidmanPosted 10/29/2013 12:44:15 PM(edited)
Could you post the stats please TC?

Curious, as I've heard many times that the Witching Hour is the gg belt for archon wizzies like mine.