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User Info: fallenaura66

3 years ago#11
I shall add to this trading post with a list of some of the stuff i have

Balefire caster X2
Buriza-Do Kyanon
Demon Machine
Fragment of Destiny
Gesture of Orpheus
Hellrack X2
Maloth's Focus
Sledge fist

I have a lot of Armor as well

Im mostly looking for Wiz,DH,and Barb set Gear or Legendary Plans.
GT. FallenAura

User Info: GoneHollow78

3 years ago#12
I have loads of gear for all classes,plenty of set items too many to list LF strength Echoing fury, dex roll witching hour. Interested in ur Bk weapon and Ef. Ef must have either a socket or high crit dmg, pref with Ls also with strength roll.

GT. zx10rmad
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