Trading design for Radiant Star Topaz , Exalted Fine Zhezi plan (Daibo) and...

#1pro9b17Posted 1/31/2014 7:04:37 PM
Razorspikes of Dexterity Plan (5 random properties).

I am looking for level 60 Wizard apparel with good INT and attack speed/Critical bonuses. Preferably a helm that doesn't cover the face, or shoulder armor, pants, or boots with a movement speed/INT bonus.

I also have a level 45 Scarbringer, a legendary Monk fist weapon with the following stats:

1 socket
155-198 Holy Damage
79 STR
72 DEX
166 INT
154 VIT
1.40 Spirit per second
25.7% chance to inflict Bleed for 98-125 damage over 5 seconds

I have no use for it, it's in storage. Will trade these for some good Wizard apparel types mentioned above. Or if you have a 1-handed sword/wand with a high INT bonus that deals more than 1700 base damage with a decent attack speed like The Ancient Bone Sabre of Zumakalis, Sever, Doombringer, Gesture of Orpheus etc. those would be great too. I have some good level 60 legendary 2-handed weapons I would also trade for any of the above mentioned weapons.
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