Need emerald Marquise plans

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User Info: KoRn316

2 years ago#1
It's the only marquise plan I am yet to find.. Would be great to have it before the ultimate evil edition drops. I have lots of legendary weapons/armour/rings to trade and will give anything including set armour I have for said plans. Gamertag Marcb316
FC: 4012-4644-9182
Safari: Dragon - Gabite, Shelgon, and Druddigon.

User Info: Iron34man

2 years ago#2
You can have it for freefree but I won't be on till like 9 tonight

User Info: jawdropper

2 years ago#3
I wouldn't worry about it man once you hit lvl 61 in ROS marquise gems drop
XBL A bowl foOl

User Info: codehunter87

2 years ago#4
I could use a copy too, so I can have a full gem design set to dupe for others like the TC
GT Forte Baroque

User Info: DanBourne

2 years ago#5
Gt: enticingdan

I think i have one too.
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