First Time Hardcore Player In Need Of Help

#11codehunter87(Topic Creator)Posted 7/18/2014 10:07:49 PM
Thanks to some helpful players, I'm pretty well set up now, and already past my 30 goal. I'm going to keep going, however, partly so I can help other hardcore players with loot and gear, and find gems, plans, or otherwise give them the same help I've been given.

I do, however, still need a bit of help, namely in the plans/gems department. For plans, it is preferable, but not required, to obtain two copies of each of them, one to use, and one to dupe for others. Would be very appreciated, and would help me give back to the helpful hardcore players. Gear is not really a necessity for me at this point aside from plans, and I've had plenty of luck looting low level legends I can already give to new hardcore players.
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