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2 years ago#1
Trade 2 games, worth $10 or more each in trade, and get $45 towards Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition (Xbox 360, PS3)

I wonder if they'd take Diablo 3 as one of the games.
2 years ago#2
7 bucks on amazon.
So eb prolly only give ya 3 bucks.
2 years ago#3
Is that in nz or Australia? I've already pre-ordered and paid. Not sure what I'll do with vanilla game....
2 years ago#4
Oh wow really? $7!??

Well EB here in Canada still sells Diablo 3 pre-owned for $39.99, so I'm pretty sure they'd take it.

Oh well I'll just call them tomorrow...It's a pretty good deal if they will.
2 years ago#5
Game stop is showing it for $40 for ultimate evil when it comes out. Is this wrong?
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2 years ago#6
Why would they give you 45 towards it? It's 40 on the last gen consoles
How many nerd points do you have?
2 years ago#7
$45 here in canada
2 years ago#8
Well I called and EB said they will take Diablo 3, it still trades for $12...So it's not a bad deal, pretty much trade in one game for Ultimate Evil Edition.
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