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We even get patches up to 1.08... Yay! Link inside (Archived)Baze8228/29/2013
opinions needed... (Archived)
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Differences between D2 and D3. (Small spoilers to some maybe) (Archived)
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Net Shark218/29/2013
To any new users to D3, I have a little advice to help you in the long haul... (Archived)MMF_Legacy88/29/2013
How awesome the Helm would be if it had a socket. (Archived)MMF_Legacy48/29/2013
I didn't actually get hype until like two days ago. (Archived)chaos_belmont38/29/2013
I assume this wont require being online just to play it? (Archived)iRobotic user38/29/2013
Xbox 360 Let's Play (Eurogamer) (Archived)BigLongDowner28/29/2013
Do you plan on using a D3 gamer pic or avatar item and current gamer score? (Archived)
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What is the best online source for Diablo 3 for new player looking to research? (Archived)littlecletus48/29/2013
How are achievements going to work in this game you think? (Archived)MMF_Legacy38/29/2013
Have they said what version/patch it will launch with? (Archived)Zzahh58/29/2013
People who have the game - Trading window question (Archived)Baze8228/29/2013
Review in German Gamepro - 91/100, link inside (Archived)
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A lot of great people here (Archived)
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Less than a week left! (Archived)
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Should we make a "what loot did you find today?" thread when d3 is out? (Archived)AstronomerJake38/28/2013
What is everyone's age here? (Archived)
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Diablo reminisce time. (Archived)
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Questions about the pre order bonuses. (Archived)
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