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Spinal Tap is finally being added to Rocksmith (Archived)SuperFlik13/30 9:47AM
How Do I? (Archived)ratchet00712/4 1:28AM
Get this version, or the One version? (Archived)Argetlam12212/25 11:59PM
RS 2014 for absolute beginners? Not really. (Archived)hitechgraphs49/5 4:58PM
Powerchord question (Archived)Valcorn87/29 4:18AM
Looking for some advice or guidance... (Archived)HHH is the game37/17 6:27AM
Very Beginner's Question about Chords (Archived)Paul_Phoenix8987/4 7:42AM
a day to remember (Archived)poups76/11 9:39PM
Just got this game, need help with a guitar! (Archived)Veggie1536/3 10:25PM
Do I need to buy a guitar apart? (Archived)AxelPoe65/26/2014
How many hours per day? (Archived)
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On sale $39.99, free shipping with cord from Amazon (Archived)Jackson777724/25/2014
Drop D tuning (Archived)jakeis133724/21/2014
Does this game REALLY teach you to play guitar? (Archived)AxelPoe44/11/2014
Protip: You can't REALLY play the song until you can do it looking at the neck (Archived)Billkwando_X24/4/2014
Utilized Rocksmith to make a video (Archived)TheAckinator53/13/2014
Protip: You CAN flip the strings UPSIDE DOWN in Options. (Archived)Billkwando_X43/11/2014
Would this be a decent guitar to learn on? (Archived)Valcorn52/25/2014
Does this teach you tuning or is it more advanced? (Archived)Mech_Battalion22/20/2014
My guitar strings seem to be very slightly electrically charged... (Archived)SuperFlik52/18/2014
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