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User Info: heathen_devil

3 years ago#1
I had a few sweet guitar tones saved on the original Rocksmith, but for 2014 I've only made a bass tone I really like:

It's for an emulated bass...

PRE: Guitar>Bass Emulator
-Body: 30
-Tone: 85

AMP: Eden E300
-Gain: 15
-Bass: 8.50db
-Mid: -2.00db
-Treble: .50db
-Enhance: 95%

-Compression: 69
-Recovery Speed: 90
-Transition Band: 260hz

CAB: Marshall 1960a
-Mic: Ribbon Offaxis

RACK: Studio Parametric EQ
-Bass: 4.50db
-Bass Freq.: 320hz
-Low-Mid: -7.50db
-Low-Mid Freq.: 120hz
-Low-Mid "Q": Wide
-High-Mid: 4.50db
-High-Mid Freq.:.80khz
-High-Mid "Q": Wide
-Treble: -2.50db
-Treble Freq.: 3.20khz

Studio Compressor
-Threshold: -18.50
-Ratio: 4:1
-Attack: 20ms
-Release: 170ms

User Info: bmouse6

3 years ago#2
Here is my favourite tone so far, lots of bass and soft melodic overall tone


Marshall Guv'nor Plus
Gain: 35
Deep: 60%
Bass: 80
Mid: 70
Treble: 80

Compression: 85
Attack: 90ms
Release: 700ms


Eden E300
Gain: 20
Bass: 1.00db
Mid: 8.00db
Treble: 10.00db
Enhance: 5%


Eden D610XST
Mic position: Dynamic cone


Studio Hall Reverb
Decay: 60
Diffusion: 80
Mix: 50%
Tone: 70

Does anybody know what exactly does the Compression pedal do? I know its supposed to be a good effect for maintaining tone, but its difficult to hear the difference with or without it, if you don't know what exactly you're supposed to hear..)
PSN: bmouse
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