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Anyone still getting this game?
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Free To Play (Poll)
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Is there a character creation utility similar to the Skyrim calculator?Jake Johnson37/16 1:37PM
with the insanely fast drop in price do we see a drop on the ps4RPGsplease37/16 12:00PM
So much for next gen consoles, ESO is 30fps on PS4 and XboneBuyersRemorse5587/14 7:27PM
Francis hates ESOQueen_0f_Blades67/9 6:30AM
Who is bringing back a character used in a previous Elder Scrolls game?Jake Johnson27/8 7:59AM
Brokerage guild invite (Closed)Jake Johnson27/2 12:11PM
this delay kinda ruined game for me (Archived)
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RPGsplease226/17 10:07AM
will they be releasing the same anti-social quest bugged PC game 6 months late? (Archived)GlassRabbit16/10 10:11PM
I believe I have figured out the real motive for the delay! (Archived)Jake Johnson26/8 9:42AM
Petition? (Archived)AnIrishMisfit26/4 4:41PM
delay is announced!! (Archived)heartherevenge66/2 3:46PM
Will the guild system from the previous ES games return, or is it all "invite"? (Archived)Jake Johnson75/31 6:40PM
Would the "Rage Kill" from Oblivion be possible again? (Archived)Jake Johnson15/19 6:21PM
Anyone Jumping to the PC version? (Archived)Liquid_Frost65/19 8:31AM
ESO possibly delayed (Archived)
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VR12+ on console on day one...mmm (Archived)
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The delay is OFFICIAL! -_- (Archived)Still__Rippin85/9 10:45PM
Character Transfer? (Archived)Endric35/9 12:34PM