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1 year ago#1
Got all my trophies awhile ago and probly not gonna play much anymore so might as well give my extra away to someone who might use it!

1.Guess a number between 1 and 50 first person gets it.
2. Have an open trade slot! gonna check back on my next break and this should just be a quick thing =p

Good luck!
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1 year ago#2

I lose.
1 year ago#3
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1 year ago#4
lol, nice idea

EDIT: number already chosen...26
1 year ago#5
Experience is the only motivation to keep on living life to the fullest.
1 year ago#6
PSN illofhavoc
1 year ago#7
I guess 25

Id: whizzle
1 year ago#8
I'll go with 23.
1 year ago#9
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1 year ago#10


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