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3 years ago#1
I wanted to create a topin=c about the weekly challenges and what they are. the challenge for this week is dodge by a near-miss as many obstacles as you can in a single run. How is any one else doing for this challenge?
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3 years ago#2
It's a neat concept, but the leaderboards already seem broken. My current best is 6 (could probably go higher, but no point), but if you look at the leaderboards, the top scores all have 3000+ dodges in a single run.

I use tokens to skip all challenges related to friends (no Facebook account) and the weekly challenges since I'll never be able to unlock those through gameplay.
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3 years ago#3
I did notice that, but there is the achievement of getting 10 near misses, that i got that gives 1,000 bananas, and two others that I did not get to. I have a score of 11.
I am with you for that skipping the friend things, more because my friends did not get this game also.
psn user name is akusanji
3 years ago#4
This week it is using as many speeders as we can. Use 20 get 500 bananas. Use 30 get 850 bananas. Use 50 get 1,000 bananas.
psn user name is akusanji

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