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What was your favourite murder case? (spoilers)
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Did Spike Chunsoft ever stated if the game was a success in the west?Apocalypsah58/22 7:07AM
Who did you think the mastermind was? *major spoilers, obviously*
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Favourite Charcter in Danganropa 1 and 2 "spoilers will be in this thread"RaidenHero98/20 4:08PM
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Where do you want the next DR game to TAKE PLACE?
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Least Favorite Character in Danganropa 1 and 2?
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What would you like to see in Danganropa 3? "spoilers"
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What new titles you want to see in DR3?
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Finished the game! Quick question (NO SPOILERS PLEASE)
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What can I expect from the characters in the second one? (no spoilers pls)ShrewdTaters98/16 6:10AM
"spoilers" Do you think the main villain of DR1 will return in DR3? (Poll)RaidenHero58/15 11:10PM
"spoilers" A Problem i have with Case 5's endingRaidenHero58/15 11:37AM
"Spoilers" Regarding something in the last case..RaidenHero108/15 12:52AM
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Semi-useless trivia
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