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If I give up an item does it count against completion?Jump_Fangirl27/25 1:20AM
FYI: If you haven't finished the game, don't...Sailor Goon57/24 3:05PM
Why didn't they..? *chapter 2 spoiler*Sailor Goon77/24 11:23AM
Finished the game! Quick question (NO SPOILERS PLEASE)
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New DR2 trailer!
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I'm guessing everyone's ultimate titles having no knowledge of the sequel.
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I would like to see a Phoenix Wright X Danganropa CrossoverRaidenHero57/21 8:38PM
Uh... how do l do the class trials76535137/20 11:39AM
If I like stuff like Ace Attorney, Zero Escape, & Layton, would I like this?Wesfanboynever37/20 11:25AM
just beat the gameswablu27/19 2:06AM
What would you like to see in Danganropa 3? "spoilers"
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RaidenHero327/18 2:14PM
So, apparently, DR1 and DR2 might not work on the Vita TV...Dragonage2ftw37/17 11:24PM
Who did you think the mastermind was? *major spoilers, obviously*
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Raven_Cyarm187/17 4:14PM
Does it piss anyone off when english speakers prounce it "dan-gone-rune-paw"?GaspenPayne57/17 2:40PM
Who did you want to be a murderer "spoilers"
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*spoilers* Chapter 5"a bad endcds200047/17 11:41AM
I have noticed something regarding S1 and D2 "Spoilers"RaidenHero107/16 2:49PM
I want to try this game but I may have ruined the story for myself *spoilers*Exo_Icarus97/15 2:23AM
How would you have acted/killed? *Spoilers*
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What would be your Ultimate Title?
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