Theories you had that were wrong (Spoilers!)

#1SlyGentlemanPosted 3/21/2014 3:45:26 AM
Just as the title says, I'd like to know any idea's you had that weren't' right.

I thought Hina was the mastermind, mostly because I thought she would be killed early on and that she was only close to Sakura ( the spy) to keep tabs on her. I also thought that her finding Alter Ego was to give the other students hope, just to take it away. Though I was wrong on all accounts thankfully.

That Kyoko was Genocide Jack, I thought that there were only two reasons that she was comfortable with dead bodies 1) Because she was the Ultimate Detective or 2) Because she had killed before and that she was the Ultimate Murderer. When Toko become's Genocide Jill I thought it was revealed too early and that the real Jack would be revealed later. Even when I gave Kyoko the voice changing bowtie, which mentions that detective's love them, as a present I thought that was a bluff too . I was just too suspicious here.

And finally that The Tragedy was actually a virus or nuclear bomb which had destroyed Earth/humanity as a whole and the the school was actually in space to escape it, I only thought this because Monokuma's control room looked kinda like a pilot's room. Though I don't know what was awaiting the surviving students when they opened the door, I highly doubt it was vast space. I mean there is a sequel.

Some of these are pretty out there, I was just too suspicious.
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#2Fiz57Posted 3/21/2014 7:23:28 AM
This might be a bold statement but I am not that smart. I figure most of the murder plot halfway the investigation because I read too many manga and played too much video game that it was cliche to me even the Genocide Jack/Jill was the easiest to figure out who since I found it a little stereotypical of the character.

For Kyoko, her mysterious title gave me a idea of the Ultimate Detective since this murder story won't be complete without it. But sometime, my mind drifted that she would be the Ultimate Spy or villain but I love this character so I naively think she would be the good guy, I mean girl.

I thought Sayaka would be survive to the end because I thought she would act like Phoenix Wright assistance Maya like.

I thought Hifumi was the real culprit in chp 3 murder because it was obvious no one could carry him. When the bodies disappear, I quickly head toward the art room to find the door lock. I knew the body and the murderer were there but I left since this is a game and no progress could be make unless I followed the plot. I thought Hifumi played dead again after he unlock the door and I didn't expect anyone would leave the art room because Aoi and Sakura were standing inside the art room. I guess the developer didn't realize this loophole or maybe it was by chance the killer got away when the two left to search in another room. Part of me guess it was Celeste since in previous chapter he ordered Hifumi to make tea and in one manga I read, it act the same idea in which she misled people around by claiming to see someone no one would see. I forgot about her until mid-trial since I imagined Hifumi suicide himself so the real culprit would release alter ego.
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#3Fiz57Posted 3/21/2014 9:36:17 AM
Almost forgot when there was a choice whether to pursue Kyoko lie or let it go. I misunderstood her intention instead of taking the fall, I pursued her hoping it was a trap for the mastermind and Alter Ego by miracle saved her. If I knew she wanted to take the fall, I would gladly take the fall first.
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#4HabefietPosted 3/22/2014 7:46:06 AM
My great error was continually suspecting Byakuya of being up to something. Wasn't sure if he was involved with the mastermind or plotting a murder or what but it took me until partway through the fourth case to accept that he was innocent of any wrongdoing and would probably continue to be
#5ZuxtronPosted 3/23/2014 11:33:25 AM
Hey, I too came up with the theory that the school was in space!

It was the air purifier that gave me the idea, combined with the high-tech Monokuma robots which made me think they were built by advanced aliens.
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#6Fiz57Posted 3/23/2014 3:55:37 PM
I don't like tragedy story much that when Makoto found the picture from the past showing the victims and killers were living happily, I thought Makoto world was living in a alternative or virtual world. I did suspect it was photos from the past but I wanted to be naive, thinking the air purifier which I forgot it function until near the end of the game was actually some kind of time wrap machine which created an alternative dimension. Heck, I even go for Makoto and the others were cloned thanks to existence of bio lab where the clones were processed into a ultimate version instead of normal human being since it was funny for to see a ultimate talent person.
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#7SpaceToasterPosted 3/23/2014 5:36:52 PM
Most of my theories were proven to be wrong, which I was pleased to see. I'm really unfamiliar with anime and visual novels, so a lot of the reveals surprised me. For example, a lot of people said Chirihiro being a guy was really obvious, but I was completely surprised.

I thought Kirigiri was going to be a Super Duper Assassin or Spy or something. I thought she seemed too familiar with dead bodies. She also didn't like to divulge too much information about her past and had a tough time getting close to anyone.

For the longest time I thought the air purifier was some kind of teleportation machine. I thought they put way too much emphasis on it for it simply be an air purifier. As it turns out, it actually WAS just an air purifier!
#8CheeseCurlsPosted 3/24/2014 6:40:07 AM
I had the absurd idea after seeing the picture of the three dead guys hanging out right after alter ego was discovered (or other way around?) that they weer all actually AI Cyborgs based on the real students to test how the brightest would react to this situation. It explained the memory thing, but I came to my senses when I realized they wouldnt just make all the killing meaningless.

I shortly thereafter figured out the memory wipe well before the reveal
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#9Akihiko__SanadaPosted 3/24/2014 8:40:06 AM
In the second case, I suspected Byakuya of being the killer as soon as he started ranting about Genocide Jack. I thought that he was trying to cover up his crime by proving that one of the students was a serial killer. And I kept that theory throughout the full investigation, and long into the trial.

I later thought Sakura's killer might be Byakuya, but I was wrong there too.

Throughout the game, I thought that all the students were in some kind of virtual simulation, and that no one was actually getting physically hurt. I thought it was like the Matrix, and Monokuma was just a virtual illusion. (I had the same theory when playing 999 too.)

Finally, I guessed that Junko was the mastermind after stepping into the freezer room for the first time. And as it turned out... I was right!
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#10HopefulDreamerPosted 3/24/2014 1:38:37 PM
Hiro either dying or a killer. The guy was just soooo stupid which made me think, "no one can't be THIS idiotic. Proving Kyoko is not a ghost? Are you f***ing kidding me? -___-" But, turns out he WAS just f***ing stupid.