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No one cares, but I want to talk about my experience with this game (Archived)Ruff_Puff16/25 8:35AM
new ending ? (Archived)cyou8117/30/2014
Field of View (Archived)MyDogSkip17/6/2014
Which ending have you got first? (Archived)Link48451/29/2014
Can you comparte this game with another existing game? (Archived)Devil87561/18/2014
The one thing that saddens me about this game.. (Archived)Pokenub61/1/2014
Found another ending ... sort of (Archived)London Prophet212/31/2013
So I bought this for Mac... (Archived)AscendancyMM212/21/2013
Full Confusion Ending - Found the yellow line (Archived)
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Another way to have fun with this game. (Archived)PSO CheZi212/13/2013
Another Corruption Ending (Archived)Shadouts212/12/2013
Possibly another ending?!? **SPOILERS** (Archived)deepfriedoreo412/12/2013
so... how did people get unachievable? (Archived)gotspork312/10/2013
The narrator is so engimatic *spoilers* (Archived)ArchBishopofHH312/4/2013
Puuush the buuuuuuttonnnnnnnnnns... (Archived)DarkBuster22904111/14/2013
This game SCREAMS "noclip"! (Archived)marceloxlr411/13/2013
Is this game only available on Steam? (Archived)stalker_san611/11/2013
"Don't play the Stanley Parable for five years?" (Archived)
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Trying to recreate an ending *spoils obviously* (Archived)masterplum511/9/2013
Survey on Choices made in The Stanley Parable (Archived)
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