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is still played online?dorack240535/27 7:35PM
[9PM ET] Streaming Nightly XCom Long War IronMan Runs! Come join the chat!Poochy81795/21 5:58PM
LONG WAR will a second psi lab add three more slots?igor14055/13 3:19AM
Roleplaying reason for Gene Modjim_strom55/3 2:55AM
Classic difficulty is just annoying (Archived)MrJoeFixit64/25 5:47PM
Normal/I + many SW or Classic/I + a few SW (also posted on PS3, sorry) (Archived)SephirothTOWA14/25 5:06PM
Long war 15b question! (Archived)marceloxlr14/6 4:20PM
They don't speak English in India? (Archived)jutuomin34/5 1:19PM
No sound when AI talks on cut scenes (Archived)EForce143/30 7:39PM
Locked for tutorial mode? (Archived)Frank78432/16 2:34PM
Possible to play 'console style' on PC? (Archived)Lebowski161/23 12:13AM
At what month do the aliens stop getting stronger? (Archived)Webcadet31/18 6:12AM
Are pistols totally useless? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
shumezhurme111/8 3:26PM
Doing well on 2nd long war playthrough, game mechanics are starting to annoy me (Archived)Timbermaw412/26 7:40AM
Day/night cycles (Archived)shumezhurme112/23 8:06AM
Do I need to buy both EU and EW from steam for the EW long war mod? (Archived)cam1v212/4 3:46PM
Any way to change xcomgamecore.ini settings? (Archived)Mord-Maus611/18 5:26AM
XCOM Enemy Within Long War Confounding Light mission trigger problem (Archived)bionicman_3090411/15 6:59AM
Story question. holding off on progression? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Dragon Nexus1311/14 4:48AM
Question about a mod.... (Archived)bionicman_3090311/3 11:33PM
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