Getting 20+ villagers in the demo without Streetpass.

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GrimMTrixX posted...
WHY would they make it so Street pass is the only way to get villagers? I know MAYBE 2 people getting this game and I don't normally see them in the real world. More acquaintances (former co-workers) whom I play online games with and talk to online but don't hang with in person. Nor do any of my closer friends plan on getting this game.

There's NO way to get villagers from online in any way shape or form? man I will be waiting like half a day for some of this stuff to finish. (I JUST accepted the quest that you aren't supposed to accept yet to do the villager glitch and I already saved the game since then so it's not an option, nor is restarting cuz I don't want to have to do stuff over that I did already).

Blah this is gonna be lame. And I won't be going anywhere anytime soon that has the potential to have other 3DS users, let alone 3DS users with the demo and/or the final game when it comes out. I guess I'll be leaving my 3DS on standby for quite some time. Gotta make sure I plug it in overnight I guess.

You DO need it in standby for villagers to complete stuff right? Or can I set it and turn the 3DS off and when I start it up it's done still?

it isn't the only way... the full game has an alternative that requires Wi-Fi
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He would run into a similar problem with Wi-Fi: No 3DS users around to exchange villagers with.

This isn't a problem for people in large cities but anyone in a small town (and there's a million of them in the US) there are likely few gamers and fewer yet that have a 3DS/2DS.
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Action posted...
He would run into a similar problem with Wi-Fi: No 3DS users around to exchange villagers with.

The Wi-fi method connects you to Square Enix servers, so you would get Net Invites from all over the world.
(It's actually a bit annoying, because I can't read half of the Friend Summon attacks.)

But yes, I guess that might become an issue many years later, if they ever decide to switch off those servers.