Bravely Default: Information And Answers For Potential Buyers

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Tylendal posted...
One question that will make or break this game for me. When can you save? I want a portable game, one that I can play for ten minutes on the bus. Can I save at any time (outside of battles at least), or can I only save at certain locations, or have to activate some sort of save station?

There is a trader dressed in red at every village/rest point and just before every boss where you can get supplies and save. Aside from that, you can save anywhere on the world screen, and I often recommend I saving often for beginners. It can be used as a reset point if your party loses too much health or is nearly wiped out. In new areas, this can be quite welcome.
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On a personal note, This game is very good and the replay value is exceptional but that being said I will not want to replay all the sub quests upon NG+, personally I believe it will ruin the game for me and if I stick to the main route on NG+ I will probably play through 2 or 3 times. Time will tell but with that said I have almost finished my game aiming to do everything and I have, grinding for money is abit... annoying* but you can set an auto attack pattern and +100 per cent encounter rate and just do something else while periodically taking a few steps in game and leaving your ds3d to it so to speak.

*I normally watch a film and by the time I am done my 'PG' is bursting.