What Asterisk would you use in real life?

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User Info: BackwardCap

3 years ago#1
I was gonna choose time mage but there's no way I'd ever wear that sort of outfit. Instead, I'd be a ninja that way no one would ever be able to touch me and I could do whatever I want.
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User Info: Sora_Anbu

3 years ago#2
All of them. If I was stuck to only one... Merchant.
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User Info: Ultima_Wraith

3 years ago#3
i/r/l I'd be a Swordmaster with Spell Fencer Subset >.>
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User Info: Hirokey123

3 years ago#4
Performer, instantly granted awesome singing skills, a killer outfit, and a magic portable light show? How could I turn it down? Theif though is pretty awesome as well and red mage makes you quite the Dandy.
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User Info: S4lr4y

3 years ago#5
Spellfencer/White Mage

User Info: Ownagepuffs

3 years ago#6
".....It's fine, Mr. Wright... Even a bluff would suit me just fine... As long as you can... ..clear up this doubt inside me!"
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User Info: GuardianShadow0

3 years ago#7
Dark Knight/Vampire
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User Info: Tatakai-No-Kami

3 years ago#8
the one where i press shift + 8
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User Info: The One Pharaoh

The One Pharaoh
3 years ago#9
Probably white mage. I'd never get sick or feel pain for very long, and I would be able to make sure my friends and family also were taken care of.

User Info: tallgeeseIV

3 years ago#10
Merchant, Big Pharma my way to riches.
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