Tips before taking on the Final Boss

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Believe in yourself and enjoy the music. That's the best tip I can give you.

How the hell do I survive this.

You just have to believe!

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Dark Knight/Spiritmaster
Salve Maker/White Mage
Hunter/Sword Magic
All Level 14 in Jobs and Level 74 overall.

Replace the Hunter/Fencer. The damage output might be nice, but you really need more recovery going on if Ouroboros is leveling your entire party. With the right setup all you really need are two big damage-dealers.

Unless you're using Stillness/Armor Lore or something, that armor rating must really hurt him.

Am I right in assuming you lack the Vampire Job? Not saying you can't do this fight without it; but it does help with healing immensely and I can't think of a better way to keep Giant's Drafted characters healthy (without wasting expensive Dragon Fangs).

I'd remove Spiritmaster on Dark Knight and give him either Spell Fencer, Pirate or Conjurer, too. Spiritmasters are better suited on fully-support characters in my experience.
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