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User Info: demitrius2001

2 years ago#11
1392-5084-1162, all of you guys are added

User Info: MegumiMoon

2 years ago#12
FC: 5086 - 0865 - 1714
Added all the above~
FC: 5086 - 0865 - 1714
Add me, I love to help out! (Megumi - Waffle Farm)

User Info: GreekTheftAuto

2 years ago#13
Added all
3ds FC: 4296-3083-3210

User Info: madcaddies87

2 years ago#14
Will add all above, and whoever posts after me

User Info: blank200

2 years ago#15
Have added Akio, GreekTheftAuto and mikehatch.
Please add me too (FC is in signature)
FC: 0388-0067-6972

User Info: EdeaOblige

2 years ago#16
Please add me too
You had come from that dark abyss to help us, But you had only just slain us! Our blood had yet to dry! ~ Fc: 5086 1470 1235 (using my brothers DS for now)

User Info: Ozzy1776

2 years ago#17
mine is 4141 3851 5754
Pokemon Y :fc 0903 2762 1671 water with Frogadier, octillery and wartortle
Bravely Default: FC 4141 3851 5754

User Info: aboybrushedblue

2 years ago#18
Added everybody above, please add me! I also play Pokemon X and Shin Megami Tensei IV
FC is 1891-1451-6558

User Info: Xbox360Times11

2 years ago#19
Just added Ozzy, Aboy, blank, madcaddie, and greek.

FC: 4983-5881-8340 name is Melo!

User Info: Rook2U

2 years ago#20

No one I know has this game, so let's please register each other!
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