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2 years ago#201
Just added you back solgath. Didn't realize that sig doesnt apply to PM. Probably shoulda included my FC to the two I added in the PM xD
PSN - VpLuck
3DS FC - 2337-2876-5469
2 years ago#202
Add me please!
3DS FC 3454-0597-2710 (PM me when added)
2 years ago#203
add me please! just got the game
3DS FC: 1950-9196-6536 (new 3ds XL)
2 years ago#204
Mine is 0447 5096 8574 Feel free to add me, anybody!
Name = lene
2 years ago#205

Currently playing. If anyone adds me let me know so I can add you back
"I'm obsessed with Hummers."- Hilary Duff
2 years ago#206
add me please 1736-1275-7531
2 years ago#207
Just going through for the first time. Add me if you want an Elixer Mammon.
FC is 1693 - 2882 - 8524
Please let me know when you have added me so I can add you back!
2 years ago#208
I just got the game so I'm just lvl25, but please add me.
My friend code is 3282-2600-7657. My 3DS name is Noob.
2 years ago#209
my friend code is 1349-6040-2342 plz add me back ;) (3DS name: Wouter))

I'll add everyone from this last page, just started BD a few days ago and love it :D

Can really use the friends for building that town, pff talking about many hours needed for that xD
2 years ago#210
Add me if you so choose, FC in Sig, PM me once you add me so I know who to add back.
I'm the best in the world at what I do! ~ I'm a Voice Actress/Singer! - My Youtube: - 3DS FC: 3394 - 4844 - 3785
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