Bravely Default Friend Code

#41Masta_GlennPosted 6/4/2014 6:02:58 PM
FC is in my sig. The name is Sean! Still relatively new to the game.
3DS Friend Code: 5386-9234-0439
XBL Gamertag: IVIasta Glenn
#42genesisx11Posted 6/4/2014 6:43:16 PM
my fc 3282-3107-5695 add me u guys. Let me know if u added me by pm me.
#43zxcvbna1Posted 6/5/2014 1:09:34 AM
I've added both of you, please add back :D
FC: 2423-2995-5880
Name: Jony
#44DarkargylePosted 6/5/2014 1:30:11 AM
Add me! 4957-4303-9147 (Send me a private message if you add me to ensure that I get your code)
#45KlengAmarthPosted 6/5/2014 2:31:08 AM
2036 8331 6770

Adding me as Kleng will be fine, and I will be trying to add everyone I can.
#46advocacyPosted 6/5/2014 5:07:49 AM
Please add me. Cheers.
Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: [odin] - [1521 2560 5828]
#47JayRad1985Posted 6/5/2014 12:37:28 PM
New to the board. Came on specifically for this reason. Add me and I'll do the same. Thanks everyone!

#48JayRad1985Posted 6/5/2014 1:12:09 PM
I just added the friend codes of every person in this thread. Feel free to add me, like I said. Happy gaming, everyone!

#49Masta_GlennPosted 6/5/2014 5:36:37 PM
Adding pretty much everyone in this thread, feel free to add me as well or pm me if I haven't added you yet. ^_^
3DS Friend Code: 5386-9234-0439
XBL Gamertag: IVIasta Glenn
#50Times1nkPosted 6/5/2014 6:57:12 PM
Hey guys I just got the game looking to add some people will add as much as I can from the thread.

F/C: 3067-6639-5424