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2 years ago#1
I started playing Bravely Default not so long ago and arrived at chapter 6 atm. But before playing further I decided to go look around what these "Nemesis" are about in your Norende village.

I soon found out they can drop buns which give stats boosts.
Then I saw someone mention: "I got 2 3DS' and 2 copies of BD, so I can keep Nemesi safe on one of the copies to send it to the other copy to kill it over and over".

So I thought: "Hey, I have 2 3DS' to, lets give this a try"
So I bought a second physical copy of bravely default (see it as supporting more games of this genre being ported to europe ;)) and played through the first part a bit to unlock streetpass, Norende, Abilink, friendsummon, etc..

So now I have set my "old" BD version to send my 25000pg elixer mammon over to my fresh copy.
I bring the 2 3DS' together, and ingame they get the message that "I streetpassed" someone, but when I go look in my village of the new copy I bought, I only get a +1 to villagers and not the Nemesis my old copy is sending out...

So, questions being:
** Anybody had the same problem? (in the hopes that there are crazy people like me out there who own 2 copies of BD ;))
** Perhaps some setting I overlooked?
** Or a special order in which I have to turn on each of the 2 3DS'?
2 years ago#2
In the village with the nemesis you want to send over, tap it and a bunch of options should appear... one of those options being Send. Click Send and Confirm and there should now be some sort of RSS/sideways wifi symbol over the nemesis. That is the nemesis you will send out to other 3DS when you streetpass them.
2 years ago#3
Yep, that I have done, but when "streetpassing" my other 3DS, I get the notification that I streetpassed someone.
My norende icon is glowing, but when I got look at it, I only got one extra villager, not a single trace of the Nemesis I should be sending with my other 3DS :s
2 years ago#4
Does the receiving Norende already have 7 protected nemeses(sp?)?
2 years ago#5
It has 7 of them, but only 4 are protected
2 years ago#6
I'm stumped lol
2 years ago#7
After you set it to 'send' on the nemesis, you need to 'update' in the village so that it saves your new streetpass data (it'll tell you that there are no new streetpasses, when you do the update/inbox icon)
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2 years ago#8
It's the same icon that collects the villagers/nemeses.
Bald Ninjas!
3DS FC: 0259-0806-2909 Mattman (Matt IGN) XY Safari: Steel Klang/Ferroseed/Bronzong
2 years ago#9
That sounds logical XD

I've done it, I'll see tomorrow if it has worked (since you can only streetpass with the same person once every 8 hours right?)

*crosses fingers that this'll work*
2 years ago#10
Correct on the 8 hours. Hitting Update Data should usually do the trick with non-updated sending, but if not you can always perform a send attack in a battle, which will then also update the sent data afterwards. Some people swear it only updates then, but in reality it should not be needed.

Also, from personal experience, it can take a Streetpass to update at times. Sounds dumb, I know, but owning 2 3DS myself and using Relay to exchange with persons on the net, I get that feeling at times..
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