Just got this and started the demo

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User Info: Bearpowers

2 years ago#1
Any advice?

I know of a villager trick for 20 free villagers or something

I just wanna make sure I grab every bonus I can to transfer to my main game.

User Info: dirkac

2 years ago#2
Simply use that Villager trick.

That really is the only worthwhile Bonus, but if you want everything, just get all your Norende stuff to Level 4 using those Vllagers, so you get another Bonus.

And just play throuh the story, you accumulate other Bonuses and it's pretty fun to do, anyway.
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User Info: Tables

2 years ago#3
Yeah, the 20 villagers is by far the best bit of the demo. Everything else gives you equipment useful for the Prologue, which you'll progress past fairly quickly anyway...
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User Info: Dork_Vader

2 years ago#4
If you have two systems you can abilink yourself, it's not a big boost and you can get better abilinks easily on here, but it's better than nothing if you feel like doing it.
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